Saturday 1 September 2001

The Aphorisms (2001)

From The Philosopher, Volume LXXXVIIII No. 2 Autumn 2001

Aphorisms in Lyric
- A Christian Sense in Philosophy

by Zura Shiolashvili

1. Music is not just that which you listen to - it is also that which you see.

2. You search and cannot find, you eat and cannot be sated - this is to live in gloom!

3. A beast does not suffer bestiality but the human has to.

4. Everyone will receive the sacrament with death, just a handful, with life.

5. It is thought that beautifies a human being.

6. Through the thought, a part of matter and emptiness is personified it is the thought in itself, there is left neither the matter nor the emptiness.

7. The mystery of life's composition is in the unit of the fleeting moment. Its whole essence is in prolongation of this moment.

8. The greater the height you conquer, the lower you stand. Just because of this modesty, the blind trample you.

9. Life kills harder than death.

10. The future is the yoke for those who can not see.

11. When asses are in council, a pooch is howling all the time.

12. The beasts have their leader as well, but through that barbaric choice that is called brutality, and its essence is fear. (Is it not more dreadful to be a beast?)

13. You stand on the peak, the bottom of precipice moves your soul even there - this is the emptiness.

14. Who opens an eye, it burns the hardest of all.

15. Sometimes the heart treasure turned into a stone, holds dear much more, than the days it had been the treasure.

16. A cock who looks down on hens pecks just as a hens do! If you cannot bow, don't dream about height.

17. The value of hope is equal to immortality.

18. To be abandoned does not mean, as yet, that you are forgotten.

19. Buried and unconquerable is the one who fights in loneliness.

20. Thousands lament over you - this love is great, you lament over thousands - this love is greater.

21. A body is the fruit of the ground - the word is the fruit of heaven.

22. Science is the body of thought, philosophy is the spirit of thought.

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