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A Philosophical Kindergarten

The History of the Philosophical Society of England

Robert Hill, Alan Holloway,
Justin Woodsand Martin Cohen



Special Issue of the Philosopher, Spring 2000


Editorial About the Special History Issue and editing philosophy

Inaugural Address of the Philosophical Society by G.K Chesterton, 1926

Introduction by Robert Hill

The Philosophy of Speech by Lylie Pragnell, from 1927

Chapter 1: 1913-36 Golden Years of the Society

Individual Psychology and Education by John Dewey, from 1936

Chapter 2: 1936-48 Mixed Fortunes

Unanswerable Questions by Moritz Schlick, from 1936

Chapter 3: 1949-1963 New Beginnings and Controversies

Modern civilisation and the Human Spirit by the Rev. A. H. Greenwood, from 1944

Chapter 4: 1963-1988 The Dawn of Recovery

Four Personal Histories of key figures in the Society

Chapter 5: 1988-1999 Fresh Vitality: New Initiatives

Index of the Philosopher: 1923-1999

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